News Flash! Hydroplane Outraces Volcanic Eruption!

Go! Go! Go!This just in. Intrepid waterborne speedster Jerry Gregson outraced a tidal wave caused by a volcanic eruption and survived! Not only that, but he set a world speed record doing it. How’s that for having a nice day at the racecourse?

What’s that, you say? No one has ever outraced a tsunami in a hydroplane?

Well, there is a first time for everything. In my new novel Rainier Erupts! just such a thing happens because, well, I wrote it that way. I just combined a few facts I know well and came up with a storyteller’s dream.

Fact: My brother Jerry Hopp and his son Greg Hopp are champion race drivers in the super-hot field of Grand Prix Hydroplane racing. They just set the world speed record in their “Happy Go Lucky” race boat a few weeks ago, at over 170 miles per hour!

Fact: They both drive shiny yellow boats, the GP-12 and the GP-15, and each has more race trophies than they know what to do with. So I combined their names to come up with the fictitious character Jerry Gregson. Pretty clever, huh?

Fact: Rainier is not a dormant volcano. It is an active one. Sure, it’s been lazy for the last five hundred years or so, but give it a little more time and it’ll prove how active it is. And past eruptions have flooded nearby valleys with hot lava and mudflows that surged into nearby lakes and Puget Sound, causing tidal waves.

Hence my fact-based saga of a race driver in a near-death experience with a tidal wave on Seattle’s hydroplane racecourse.

If you can’t bring yourself to believe it, then it might help if you got a copy of the book, just released last week as a paperback and in Kindle, Nook, iBook, and other versions. Click this LINK and it will take you to where you can grab a copy at the still-reduced price of $1 off. Hurry. Like the lull in Rainier’s record of eruptions, this offer won’t last much longer.

My thanks go out to Chris Denslow, who took the picture of Jerry flying over the water in his race boat. The snapshot of the mountain is mine.

If you would like news of my next thriller release, to be announced later this year, join my newsletter mailing list at the link above.

Happy Reading!

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Rainier Erupted a week ago

AmazonEruptsAll righty! It’s been a week since the launch of Rainier Erupts!, my new thriller about a rather nasty day in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

And I’m proud to announce that the book did remarkably well in its first week of existence. While it didn’t run up the charts all the way to number one, it made it to number 11 on Amazon’s Kindle category lists. That’s a delight for me. One step away from the top ten bestselling books in its category. Sure, I would have liked to see it up a bit higher, but this isn’t over just yet.

And there’s another thing to crow about. As the image shows, Rainier Erupts! was recognized on the Amazon web site as a “Hot New Release.” That means somewhere in the massive empire that is Amazon my book got noticed by actual people. Let’s hope it gets more of that kind of attention in the future.

In the days since its first run up to prominence Rainier Erupts! has settled down a bit. It’s back to number 57 as I write this. But it can rise again, and I’m sure it will.

There are many ways a book can rebound and head up the charts again. Like word-of-mouth. That’s where people who have read it and liked it recommend it to their friends. And the feedback I’m getting so far is, yep, people are reading it and liking it. So if they follow through and tell family and friends, then Rainier Erupts! will rise up the charts again. More slowly this time, but more lastingly.

So, how’s about a little help here? If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the ebook or paperback, get one today. And if you have a copy, don’t forget to write and post a review on Amazon or another bookseller site. Every review helps. The first reviews to come in have been running very positive, but the more the merrier.

Right now, the ebook versions at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and elsewhere are still a dollar off the retail price of $3.99 ($2.99 if you don’t have a calculator app handy). Here’s a LINK to find your favorite version.

So far, this book launch is going pretty well. With your help, it can do even better.

Thanks. And Happy Reading!
-Tom Hopp

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Rainier Erupts! —Today!

Mountain go boomThis is the day of the big event! My new novel, Rainier Erupts! is available everywhere in ebook and paperback formats. You can grab a copy by following this LINK to a page where all versions are listed.

Imagine being in Seattle or Tacoma as Rainier explodes with the power of a hundred atom bombs. Imagine the searing heat of pyroclastic flows like those that buried Pompeii. Imagine vast lahar mudflows that fill valleys around the mountain to overflowing.

Yeah. You’re starting to get the idea.

Now imagine families fleeing in terror. And imagine heroic rescuers rushing toward—not away from—the catastrophe. This one’s a guaranteed heart-stopping page turner.

Rainier Erupts! has already started climbing the bestseller charts. Why not help it on its way up by buying it at a dollar off its list price, only $2.99 for the ebook? I’d greatly appreciate your help making this book a hit, and every purchase today, launch day, has the biggest impact on rankings. So won’t you take a moment and help me on my quest for the number one spot?

Here’s that LINK again where you can find Rainier Erupts! in any format you choose.

Happy reading!

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Rainier Erupts! Launch Date: Tomorrow!

Splat!Here it comes! The Big Event is about to happen. Rainier Erupts! will be released by my publisher tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12th. All the signs point to an explosive event. There are even rumblings that it may hit number one in the charts. You can help make that happen by grabbing your copy on launch day.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like if Seattle and Tacoma were turned into modern-day equivalents of Pompeii and Herculaneum, then you’re gonna like this book. And if you have ever wondered if heroic rescuers would rally to save desperate victims, then look no further. This book has got it all.

And the truth is, it all could happen. The explosive force pent up within Mount Rainier is much larger than Vesuvius. Much larger than Mount Saint Helens when it blew up. In fact, Mount Rainier has been acknowledged as one of the most dangerous volcanoes on earth by the United Nations.

Prepare to have your mind blown as Rainier demonstrates its awesome power and people flee for their lives by the millions. And prepare to be gratified by how bravely helicopter rescuers, firemen, police and military personnel respond to the catastrophe.

And one last thing. Please prepare to help me make this book a chart-topping hit. If you take the time to buy it tomorrow (or as soon as you can after that date if you miss it) then Rainier Erupts! will have a chance of hitting number one in its category. It’s already close, based on pre-orders. Let’s make it go all the way.

For a limited time, the ebook price is $2.99, a dollar off the normal retail price. Here’s a link to a page where you can click to any version you would like to buy. But remember to wait until Tuesday, so your purchase will add to the launch-day total. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rainier Erupts! One week from launch.

Rainier Erupts ImageExcitement is building like the pent-up fury inside a rumbling volcano. Rainier Erupts! is just one week from its release date, Tuesday, April 12, 2016. And it has all the signs of a massive explosion.

I have been doing everything in my power to get the word out, but you can help me do more. In fact, if we work together, we can make this a truly earth-shaking event.

The biggest way you can help is to buy the book on its release date, April 12th. You see, if enough people buy it on that particular day, then it will have a good chance of rising high in Amazon’s book ratings. And if enough people join the effort, we might even get it all the way to the top spot—an Amazon #1 best-selling book! Wouldn’t that be something? And it’s entirely do-able. And the same applies to other formats like iBooks, Nook books, Kobo, E-Reader, etc. So make plans to pitch in and help, okay?

Now, you can already pre-order the book, but it’s best to wait until the 12th to hit the sweet spot of the official release date. That’s when the most copies usually get downloaded. So make a note to buy it then and I’ll be eternally grateful for your help.

You can learn more about the book and its various ebook and paperback versions on this PAGE. You’ll note that its pre-order price is one dollar off the retail price, but never fear. If you wait and order it on April 12, I have it on good authority that the price will not jump up on that day.

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Proof copies of Rainier Erupts! are here

ProofNow that’s a pretty picture.

No, not the old wizardly fellow on the left. The book on the right. That’s the first ever copy of RAINIER ERUPTS!

From here, it’s a simple process to get the book ready for its final release, which will happen in early April. I just need to inspect the quality of the binding, then read it cover-to-cover, then let my publisher know it’s good to go!

Oh. Wait. What was that middle bit? Read it cover-to-cover?

Well, I suppose that is a simple thing. Just a bit time-consuming. And these days with all I’ve got going on that’s a tall order. But I’ll get it done somehow.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the first copies of the paperback check back here soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. And for the ebook, you can actually order it now as a pre-order book at one dollar off the list price. It will download on the day of release, which right now looks to be April 12.

Happy reading!


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My book is covered!

Mountain go boomNow that’s what I call an interesting cover! My publisher’s art department has outdone itself. One glance and you know Seattle is in trouble, and Tacoma too.

Rainier Erupts! will be released on April 9, 2016, and I am delighted to see it getting such an evocative cover. There is even a Chinook helicopter in the air–a clue to who the real heroes of this story are. Click the image for a closer look.

If you think you might want to get a copy of Rainier Erupts on the day of issue, then why not check out the pre-order sale, going on right now until the release? You can save a buck off the retail price and get it for only $2.99.

It will release simultaneously in all major formats: Kindle, Nook, iBook, and others. Click HERE to go to a page where you can find any format you want.

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Win 10 Star Wars Books and Bobblehead Chewbacca!

GiveawayEmailBanner600I’m excited to announce my publisher’s free contest celebrating the similarities between my DINOSAUR WARS series and the STAR WARS books and movies. Entrants can win ten Star Wars books that bridge the gap between RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS. Another lucky winner will receive the ever-charming Bobblehead Chewbacca for their home, office, or automobile! Use the entry form below. Then use it to tell a friend and get yourself another entry—up to ten chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DW1CoverE240AND: Every verified entrant will receive an email with a link to download a free DINOSAUR WARS ebook.

Good luck!

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New books planned for 2016

Always ThinkingI have a number of book projects nearing completion, so 2016 looks like a good year for new titles from me.

Just exactly which titles, I am not sure yet. It takes quite a bit of doing to get each new book out, so bear with me.

Very likely the first book out of the gates will be the one I am just putting the finishing touches on now, my new thriller about people caught up in a volcanic eruption.

After that, I’ve got plans for four new short science fiction stories in the Dinosaur Tales series, followed by a novel as well. They will follow the adventures of Kit Daniels and Chase Armstrong in a world filled with big scary dinosaurian beasts–and some cute little ones too.

After these, I will be overdue to release another title in the Peyton McKean medical thriller series, although which story out of several I’ve been working on, is still an open question.

So it’s going to be a busy year for me. I hope you are ready for some more of my brand of action, adventure, and romance, because these books are overflowing with it!

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This volcano will not be in my next book

Mt. Er, um…I am pleased to categorically deny all allegations that this volcano might in any way feature prominently in my next thriller novel. It won’t.

There, that ought to satisfy the morbidly curious. Rumors that I intend to publish a lurid tale of climbers desperately seeking salvation when this volcano erupts under them are—quite simply—not true.

Nice shot though, huh?

I snapped it from my seat on a jet headed for Cancun Mexico. Of course, I also categorically deny that Shelley and I had a lovely vacation in Cancun while other Northwesterners were sunk under dismal rain clouds. No. We did not. We were an hour south of Cancun in Tulum.

Anyway, I hope this quashes any rumors that I am writing about this volcano. Really folks, I’m not. I’m writing about a completely different one.

Update February 6, 2016: The book’s title is RAINIER ERUPTS! and it is available now for pre-order in advance of the scheduled publication date of April 9, 2016. You can get $1 off the retail price of $3.99 if you order now! Just search for RAINIER ERUPTS! at your favorite ebook seller’s web site. It’s waiting for you.

If you would like to keep up on RAINIER ERUPTS! progress toward publication, join my newsletter group for updates as they happen. Just click the newsletter link above to sign up.

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