I’ve had a long strange trip to becoming an author.

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  1. Patricia Maguire says:

    Amazing travels. I went to school with you, same class, mutual friends. Here I am sixty one and still craving an education. I’ll read your Blog and maybe learn a thing or two.

    • Tom Hopp says:

      Hi Trish,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, my life has been quite an adventure for a kid from the small town of West Seattle. I hope yours has been adventuresome too. Stop by again. I try to update my blog at least weekly, and often with something related to my roots on the west side.

  2. betty hopp says:

    found your blog on facebook so of course i read it.dinosar history is interesting,am most interested in your history as part of it is mine to(my claim to fame?) now, as far nas immitex goes can you do anything about my wrinkles? (smile) seriously is it true your connected to the discovery of interferon? i have hep c,the resistant strain and was not given treatment but maybe in the future as it improves(ie side effects/success rates with my strain of hep.c) maybe your work will save my life! talk about full circle.amlooking forward to reading dino wars.

    • Tom Hopp says:

      Hi Betty. Yes, I worked on some of the original interferon studies years ago, but it’s been quite a while. Take care of that hepatitis C. It’s a nasty one, as you know.

  3. Wes Blalock says:

    To be honest, when I saw Rainier Erupts on the my Kindle recommendations, I was a little apprehensive. But once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It felt like when I was a kid watching all the Irwin Allen disaster films. Because I was forced to read all kinds of awful stuff while studying for my English Degree, I am quick to toss books aside if they don’t capture my interest. I’m now looking forward to my next Northwest Tales novel.

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