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Hi! Welcome to my website. I hope you'll click around to find out more about me and my latest writings: scientific research reports, novels, and short stories. I've had a long, tumultuous career as a biotechnologist. Now I also write fiction to present what I've learned to the public in an entertaining way. On these pages, you'll find information about my current pursuits:

SCIENTIST. As a biotechnology researcher, I led a large team that cloned the DNA encoding human Interleukin 1, a powerful immune system hormone. Then I was named in a lawsuit over its billion-dollar patent rights. We won. I was also an advisor to the team that developed the breakthrough arthritis treatment, Enbrel. Lately I've been developing an anemia treatment.

AUTHOR. I write mystery, thriller, and science fiction novels and short stories. I've also published a long list of science articles about my medical research discoveries, and even a couple on how dinosaurs raised their young.

INVENTOR. I've got a bunch of biotechnology patents, including one I'm particularly proud of: the world's first commercially successful nanotechnology device, a molecular handle for grappling with proteins. Named "The FLAG Epitope Tag," it is used by scientists around the world to study the human genome and most major diseases.

LECTURER. I've been invited to speak throughout the world on scientific and literary subjects, on stage, radio, and TV. I'm always willing to take another call. Stephen Colbert, are you listening?