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2 Responses to Newsletter

  1. anonamoose at this point says:

    I have had a 6 year difficulty with a neighbor and wind chimes. I won a $6000.00 case against him and am about to bring him in again. I would like to help others on how to bring abusers to court. Until this problem becomes precedented, it will remain tough to fight. People have to start taking action. Do you know as a renter or property owner we have the right to the quiet enjoyment of life? Do you know we own the air above and the soil below as property owners (air rights)? Please post my email address so that others can contact me.

    • Tom Hopp says:

      Thanks Anonamoose. I’m sympathetic to your cause, and happy that you’ve had some success in court. It still mystifies me how some people can find the jangling, clanking, and bonging of wind chimes to be a pleasant sound. Good luck in your future efforts to find some peace and quiet in your neighborhood. As requested, I’ll post your email address so others who share your misery can get in touch:

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