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The Jihad Virus Revisited

I’ve just begun to revamp my third novel, The Jihad Virus for re-issue as an ebook. The reviews of the original were generally raves, although lack of good distribution by my former publisher kept it off the bestseller lists. This time around, maybe things will be different. Continue reading

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Candle smoke is bad for you

We all should take it upon ourselves to complain to those who foist candles on us everywhere like cigarettes once were: WE WON’T INHALE YOUR POISON ANY MORE! Continue reading

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A Girl, Her Pony — And T-Rex!

Kit Daniels named her quarter horse “Lucky,” but as you can see, Kit and Lucky may not be so lucky after all unless the old mare can put some distance between her and that hungry Tyrannosaurus. Continue reading

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Hail to the Hero!

My Uncle Herb was one of those young men who volunteered the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He went to the Navy recruiters and requested training to become a fighter pilot, no doubt with dreams of shooting down those who had attacked our fleet. Continue reading

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