The Jihad Virus Revisited

I’ve just begun to revamp my third novel The Jihad Virus for re-issue as an ebook. As with some of my other titles, I’m going to run through the entire story and tweak up the prose to give it even more sizzle than the original version. The reviews of the original were generally raves, although lack of good distribution by my former publisher kept it off the bestseller lists. This time around, maybe things will be different.

If you’ve read one or another of my Peyton McKean mystery stories, you’ll be interested to know that The Jihad Virus is actually the original story in the series, where we first meet the super intelligent Dr. Peyton McKean and his sidekick and storyteller, Phineus “Fin” Morton. The story also introduces McKean’s faithful and hardworking laboratory technician, Janet Emerson, and his contact at the Seattle Public Health Hospital, Dr. Kay Erwin. Together they confront a plot by international terrorists to unleash a genetically altered, new and deadly form of the smallpox virus with the intention of devastating the population of the United States.

The action intensifies when Morton and McKean confront a terrorist cell spearheaded by the evil Sheik Abdul Ghazi, who uses his wealth and power to bring an apocalyptical plague to the shores of America.

The bad news for readers is, in order to re-issue the story as an ebook, I’ve had to cancel my contract with the original publisher and they have stopped printing the book. Therefor there is going to be a period of time while I rewrite, that The Jihad Virus will be unavailable. At present, there are still copies to be had in some bookstores or at the usual online booksellers. If you can’t wait to find out whether Abdul Ghazi’s schemes will come to fruition, you’d best grab one of the remaining copies, or check out the online book resellers to get a used copy.

I’ll do my best to get the revisions finished and issue the new ebook within just a few months.

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes Peyton McKean mystery stories and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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