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Praise for John Carter

Never in any film until now, have I felt myself getting a little dewy eyed during a battle scene — but this movie got that reaction. Continue reading

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Where have all the cities gone?

Let’s take a look at the question of how a 65 million year old civilization could vanish leaving no detectable trace. Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Killer Hormone

At my company, CGT, we’re developing a vaccine that can block the function of a cancer hormone, giving patients a better fighting chance to resist and destroy the tumors that are trying to destroy them. Continue reading

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Presenting the Wooly Pachyrhinosaurus

Here’s the latest in dinosaur fashions: fur! Continue reading

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Saving Pachyrhinosaurus Published!

Happy reading. I guarantee you’ll never look upon dinosaurs as big sluggish stomping lizards again! Continue reading

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