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Blood Tide — Published!

“Blood Tide” is one of my Peyton McKean mysteries and one I’m very proud of. It gives plenty of play to the ingenious brain workings of Dr. Peyton McKean, the Seattle biotechnology researcher and super sleuth whom I like to bill as “The greatest mind since Sherlock Holmes.” Continue reading

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And the reviews are in!

It seems somebody out there likes Dinosaur Wars. The reviewers who ‘get’ Dinosaur Wars the best are those who understand it was intended to be a fun read and not something deeper, darker or horribly twisted. It’s an adventure story and lovers of adventures are chiming in that it suits their tastes just fine. Continue reading

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McKean Helps Holmes with his Homework

Peyton McKean is the top expert in his field, just as Sherlock Holmes was before him. And just as Holmes could be relied upon to bring the utmost brain-power to any problem, nowadays that lot usually falls to Peyton McKean. Continue reading

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Those Crazy Crested Kra

Girl dinosaurs and boy dinosaurs used to be irresistibly attracted to members of the opposite sex who displayed the greatest fashion sense in cranial accessories. Continue reading

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