Clamato and Coffee

I’m inventing a new drink, sitting here in my suite at Casa Susana in Sayulita, Mexico, overlooking the blue Pacific and listening to the rush of waves. Maybe it’s the tropical environment: mellow air, 70s, blue skies, jungle surroundings, exotic birds squawking in the verdure. Maybe it’s the remnants of last night’s dining and drinking on the town plaza: a little fuzzy-headedness, a lack of ambition. But whatever the cause, I just got up from my computer and walked to the open air kitchen and splashed the last of the pot of coffee into a tumbler, and then added an equal shot of Clamato juice straight from the fridge. It’s hitting the spot just about right this late morning. Kind of savory, kind of toasty, kind of salty, kind of sweet. Add up all those kind-ofs, and I’ve got an appealing new drink on my hands. I’ve finished sipping it and no complaints. In fact, I’m gonna get up and go see if there’s just a splash more coffee in that pot.

Good, there was more. Now, let’s let the imagination run as wild as the dogs in the streets of Sayulita. How about some derivatives of this concoction? Obviously, why not add a shot of vodka? That’s pretty close to a Bloody Mary but you’ve got the caffeine in there for a better morning boost. Why not make the coffee a shot of espresso? Then, neither the caffeine nor the Clamato are diluted as much as what’s in this tumbler I’m sipping as I write.

You could add ice for a colder, more bracing drink, although I’m finding this straight-up, cool-yet-not-cold version quite to my liking on a sea-breezy tropical day. You could add lime.

There, I just went to the kitchen and added a slice of lime, squeezing it and plopping it in. This mix is getting extremely agreeable-tasting now.

One could add a dash of Tobasco or Worcestershire but I’m not partial to too much heat or seasoning in my drinks, so I think I’ll decline those options.

What should I call this concoction?

The Sayulita Sunrise.

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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