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Spaced out art

I’m developing a mystery story called “Space Case” in which a man accused of murder uses alien abduction as an alibi. It’s a patently false excuse — or is it??? Continue reading

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Kit Daniels vs Tyrannosaurus

Have you ever had a really bad day, in which you were forced to fend off a hungry T rex with a pitchfork? If not, you should meet Kit Daniels, the heroine of Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall. Continue reading

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Obama backs CG Therapeutics

CG Therapeutics, Tom Hopp’s cancer vaccine company, was just awarded one of President Obama’s Economic Stimulus grants, so don’t think all that government spending is going for nothing. Continue reading

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Candle Smoke = Air Pollution

I’m allergic to candle soot and fumes. Fortunately a few people are beginning to recognize the fact that candles poison everyone, not just me. Continue reading

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