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Writing makes me weep

Some stories are hard for a writer to tell. I may be too close to the war stories of my Uncle Herb, a bona fide hero and one who suffered as much as anybody in World War II. Sometimes I weep as I write. Continue reading

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Iguanas verdes

I’d been hoping to get a new take on my writing by coming to Sayulita, Mexico, and it worked. Viva Las Iguanas!!!
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Clamato and Coffee

I’m inventing a new drink, sitting here in my suite at Casa Susana in Sayulita, Mexico, overlooking the blue Pacific and listening to the rush of waves. What should I call this concoction? The Sayulita Sunrise. Continue reading

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The Duwamish Longhouse

I find myself traveling rather frequently to the new Duwamish Tribal Longhouse down on West Marginal Way in West Seattle. Now I’m learning the tribe’s language, Lushootseed. Continue reading

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And Now On Nook!

I sense a tidal change in the publishing industry, arriving right here, right now. I’ve been toying with the idea of publishing books on my own, without a major publisher involved, and what’s just happened goes a long way toward convincing me it’s the right choice. Continue reading

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