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VGS-12 at Guadalcanal

I’ve continued to pursue my Uncle Herb’s valiant, if ill fated, World War II record. Delving into unpublished war records and archives, I’ve been able to trace him to his arrival at Guadalcanal in the heat of the battle. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Tales #1

This is the first in a series of stories based on my Dinosaur Wars novels. I’m calling the series Dinosaur Tales, in the spirit of dino-fiction pioneer and science fiction superstar Ray Bradbury. Like me, he’s had a lifetime fascination with the big prehistoric beasties. Continue reading

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And now on Kindle

Woke up early this morning and snooped around the web, as I often do. Was surprised and delighted to see that has made two of my stories available as Kindle ebook downloads: Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall and The Re-Election Plot. Stay tuned. Much more good stuff coming soon! Continue reading

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Seattle Civic Pride

I sometimes get to thinking that every pundit east of the Mississippi has his or her head where the sun don’t shine. Have they heard of Seattle? No really. Continue reading

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