Proof copies of Rainier Erupts! are here

ProofNow that’s a pretty picture.

No, not the old wizardly fellow on the left. The book on the right. That’s the first ever copy of RAINIER ERUPTS!

From here, it’s a simple process to get the book ready for its final release, which will happen in early April. I just need to inspect the quality of the binding, then read it cover-to-cover, then let my publisher know it’s good to go!

Oh. Wait. What was that middle bit? Read it cover-to-cover?

Well, I suppose that is a simple thing. Just a bit time-consuming. And these days with all I’ve got going on that’s a tall order. But I’ll get it done somehow.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the first copies of the paperback check back here soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. And for the ebook, you can actually order it now as a pre-order book at one dollar off the list price. It will download on the day of release, which right now looks to be April 12.

Happy reading!


About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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