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Roamin’ Sonoma

Sitting around by the pool, bathed in the glare of that unfamiliar object in the sky, fearful of getting a burn on our tender white hides, feeling compelled to have another sip. It’s tough duty. Continue reading

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Writers of Mystery

If you’re a fan of Earl Emerson’s stories, you might want to drop everything else and make plans to join us tonight in Bellevue WA for the big event. Drop-ins can be accommodated for a small fee plus the price of dinner. Continue reading

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Triumph of the Toads

If I get tired of writing about certain tedious people, I can always concoct a scene in which they die horribly or are driven to an ignominious end. Continue reading

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The New Old Me

How can a body help but look erudite, wise, party-to-hidden-knowledge, and all those other traits of wizards, scientists and writers when one has such a snowy effusion all over one’s head? Continue reading

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