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Rediscovering the Lost Waterfall

I caught a glimpse of these falls 37 years ago while bushwhacking alone through rugged backcountry, and caught that glimpse at great peril to my life. Continue reading

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Blue Dawn–Daylight Savings Time Hurts

Come on DC, for the health of us all, repeal the Daylight Savings Time extension at least–if not the whole cockamamie idea that the government should control time. Continue reading

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The Curious Chlorides of Mars

Mars rovers have reported some reasonably good environments where microbes could have flourished. But they didn’t. Why not? Could it be the chlorides? Continue reading

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Leaving home

I haven’t sold my West Seattle home yet but I’m already nostalgic for it. Continue reading

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Eddie Hopp and the Swinging Seabees of ACORN 44

Eddie Hopp did double duty in World War II. He worked as a Seabee on Okinawa all day and played boogie-woogie piano all evening. Continue reading

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