Artwork Wanted

As a writer and a scientist, I’m always delighted to see one of my ideas converted into a piece of graphic art.

From time to time here on my blog, I’m going to invite artists to submit their interpretations of certain scenes, creatures, machines, concepts, places or events that have been described in one of my written pieces.

While I would like to offer huge cash prizes for the best entries, or perhaps a vacation trip to Dinosaur Country, budgetary restrictions compel me to offer only the following: anyone who makes a serious effort to create something visually interesting out of one of my ideas will have their art piece displayed on my blog site with a link back to any web page they care to submit with it.

I think this is a good incentive for artists who are new to the business to try their hands and perhaps receive a little recognition for their abilities. Old pros who charge an arm and a leg for their material probably won’t be interested, but budding young illustrators or those exploring a new medium or new subject matter, might find these pages an excellent place for some early exposure.

As far as copyrights go, feel free to watermark your material and of course, send a low-resolution version. I don’t want to overload my blog site with gigabytes of data so if you send a huge file, it will get reduced to much lower resolution anyway before it appears on the site. So save us both the trouble and keep your original high-resolution work and send something in the range of 600 by 800 pixels, okay?

If I, or one of my publishers, or a visitor to my blog, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, want a higher resolution image, they’ll get in touch with you via that link you’re gonna send, right?

I’ve already put up a number of posts from which a clever artist could draw inspiration, but in future posts I’ll be more specific and tell you exactly what I’m looking for. Any and all sorts of creative efforts related to my writings will be gratefully received and posted as replies to one of my entries, whether pencil, paint, computer graphic, crayon, photo, video or what the heck, maybe even audio.

Ultimately, if a piece shows particular skill or illustrates my work in an ingenious way, it might just appear on the cover or within the pages of one of my forthcoming stories, books or novels, with its creator appropriately compensated for his or her effort.

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes Peyton McKean mystery stories and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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