Dinosaur Wars Fan Art

In the science fiction genre, artwork produced by a story’s fans has a long history. That history is so rich that there are even publications and websites dedicated to it. I’m delighted to discover that Dinosaur Wars has its share of fan-created art, as well. The image at left was created by Bluedramon and posted on her web pages at Deviant Art.

I made some fan art myself, long ago, but had no place to publish it and it’s long since vanished into old boxes in my basement. I was a big fan of Rudolph Zallinger’s dinosaur art, which graces the walls of the Peabody Museum at Yale University. His paintings, it’s safe to say, inspired a lifetime of dino fascination in me. It’s nice to think that there’s a chain of artistic continuity where one artist inspires another, inspires another, inspires another…

Here’s another by Bluedramon, who goes by the earthly name of Kacie:

This is my personal favorite for two reasons: first, it shows the villain of Dinosaur Wars, Ugon, the Kra leader and High Priest of Death, in his full battle array with the towering plumes on his helmet signifying his role as general and all-round commander of the invasion force. Nice! Second, although I imagined and wrote Ugon in this sort of attire, I’ve never actually seen him. Thanks, Kacie, for my first look at Ugon! I only wish he were in color. His blood red plumes and scarlet inlay on his armor would make him doubly impressive, the Dino Darth Vader!

You might want to check out more of Kacie’s work at Bluedramon. She’s got some interesting and very creative takes there on dinosaur fiction by me and others, including her own work. A budding dinosaur fiction writer or illustrator? We’ll see.

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Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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  1. Inferdramon says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed my work.

    I had been meaning to get around to coloring the Ugon picture. I’m not sure why I kept putting it off. I’ll see about getting a colored version up soon.

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