Thomas Hopp, scientist and author


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The Novels of Thomas P. Hopp

Tom writes in several fiction genres. His works include natural disaster thrillers, science fiction novels, medical mysteries, and short stories.

His Northwest Tales take place during natural disasters. The Great Seattle Earthquake and Rainier Erupts! are the first in a planned series of novels in which the protagonists find themselves fighting for their lives against the forces of nature.

His medical thrillers follow the exploits of Dr. Peyton McKean, whom he bills as “The Greatest Mind Since Sherlock Holmes.” A biotechnology researcher and DNA-evidence sleuth, McKean is one of the most brilliant minds of our times and a born adventurer who can match daring-do with James Bond.

McKean's most recent adventure was chronicled in The Neah Virus. In this medical thriller, a deadly virus arises on the Makah Indian Reservation that kills only non-Makahs. As a plague of madness and death spreads, Dr. McKean is called upon to save humanity--and himself as well.

Tom's science fiction novels grow out of his biology background and his love of animals, living and extinct. Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall and its sequels, Counterattack and Blood On The Moon, follow two young adventurers, Chase Armstrong, a Yellowstone Park wildlife biologist, and Kit Daniels, a Montana cattle rancher's daughter, who face an invasion of prehistoric beasts in the mountain heartland of America.

Tom's novels and short stories have won several awards in the Pacific Northwest Writers Competition. The Jihad Virus took third prize in that event in 2003 and a short story, "Earth Rover," took the same prize in 2005.

Tom is a professional member of both the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He served two terms as the President of the Northwest Chapter of the MWA.