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The Short Stories of Thomas P. Hopp

Tom has written quite a few short stories. These “singles” are a way for Tom to explore new ways of telling a story without going to the trouble of completing a whole new book. They are also a quick way to explore intriguing new characters, and they make for fun short reading at a bargain price, usually 99 cents in the ebook marketplace, where all major sellers carry them. Here are a few examples:

BLOOD TIDE. This short story was Tom’s breakthrough into the realm of professionally published mysteries. Tom’s biotech detective, Dr. Peyton McKean, encounters a Duwamish Indian shaman whose recipe for making a poisonous potion from red tide algae falls into the wrong hands. Chosen to be the lead-off story in the Seattle Noir anthology from Akashic Mysteries.

A DANGEROUS BREED. In this one, Dr. McKean, billed as “The greatest mind since Sherlock Holmes,” investigates a gruesome murder and encounters deadly, genetically altered coyotes. The Hound of the Baskervilles was a runt compared to these monsters.

SOMETHING IN THE JUNGLE. This is one of Tom’s “Dinosaur Tales” series of short stories, in which Chase Armstrong is called in to investigate mysterious deaths in the tropical jungles of Mexico’s Costa Verde. Something really big awaits him.

EARTH ROVER. Mars is not the only planet where rovers are being sent. And humans are not the only ones sending them. An early draft of this little science fiction gem took third prize money in the Pacific Northwest Writers Competition in 2005. Coming soon.

There are more short singles among Tom’s Peyton McKean mysteries, Dinosaur Tales, and science fiction series. Not all of them have appeared in magazines or books yet. If you are an editor or publisher with an interest in obtaining one of them, please get in touch to find out what’s available. If you are a reader, keep your eyes peeled--more will be coming soon!

Contact Tom at: tomXthomas-hopp.com

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