AN EPIC TALE OF VOLCANIC CATASTROPHE. Mount Rainier is one of the most dangerous volcanoes on earth because of its awe-inspiring size and close proximity to the population centers of Seattle and Tacoma. What if this primordial giant were to erupt tomorrow? Thomas P. Hopp vividly portrays the all-too-possible day when the mountain unleashes its pent-up fury.

A DEVASTATING NATURAL DISASTER. Enter a world gone mad with explosions that dwarf nuclear bombs, giant mudflows, choking ashfalls, and spouting red-hot lava. Flee in desperation with mountain climbers caught in the first outbursts. Experience one family's struggle to survive when their home is swept away by a lahar mudflow. Fly with helicopter crews risking their lives to save others. Learn Nisqually Indian legends of the White Mountain called Tacobet. Follow Seattle volcano scientists predicting the mountain's next outburst. Observe government officials trying to stave off catastrophe. RAINIER ERUPTS! is a heart-stopping true-to-life look at the horrors and heroism that would mark such a day of disaster.

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“Solid science and pacing that never quits.” —Kay Kenyon, Philip K. Dick Award nominated author of Maximum Ice

“One shock leads to another.” —Carmel Valley News