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Thomas P. Hopp, PhD, routinely imagines the unimaginable. As a scientist, he cloned immune-system hormones and developed genetic engineering tools used by thousands of scientists worldwide to study every major disease of mankind. His novels dramatize natural disasters from earthquakes to epidemics to floods to volcanic eruptions.

Megaflood. Tom's latest novel portrays the Ice Age Missoula Floods, which ravaged much of eastern Washington State. Native people, recently arrived in North America, faced disaster when glacial ice dams broke and floodwaters as vast as the Great Lakes rushed out.

The Great Seattle Earthquake. Another of Tom's recent novels portrays events surrounding a powerful earthquake that strikes the Seattle Fault. He's currently offering a public lecture on the subject. To see a brief excerpt of his slide presentation click or tap HERE.

Have a look around and learn more about Tom and his writings from scientific research reports to novels to short stories. He's had a long, tumultuous career as a biotechnologist and now he's writing fiction to portray what he's learned in an entertaining way. On these pages, you'll find information about his current pursuits:

AUTHOR. Tom writes mysteries, natural disaster thrillers, science fiction novels, and short stories. His fiction always includes carefully researched scientific facts, plus characters who find themselves in desperate situations that make the stories compelling.

SCIENTIST. Tom published a procedure for making vaccines called the "Hopp and Woods hydrophilicity method," which is now one of the most widely used techniques in the field of biotechnology. Tom also led a team that cloned DNA encoding human Interleukin 1, a powerful immune system hormone. He also advised the team that developed the breakthrough arthritis drug, Enbrel. Most recently he's proposed a unique rapid-response vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19.

INVENTOR. While the "FLAG epitope tag" and "protein antigenic analysis" may sound extremely esoteric, these are commonplace scientific techniques invented by Tom and now used in labs around the world to study the human genome and diseases that afflict humanity.

LECTURER. Tom has been invited to speak throughout the world on scientific and literary subjects in public lectures or on radio, TV, and podcasts. He's always willing to take another call.

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