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Dinosaur Wars Sequel Published

Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack is available as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and in a variety of other formats. Check your favorite ebook store for a download. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars heat up

For those of you who read your books on Kindle, Amazon has just begun a special, limited time offer: Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall for FREE! Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars 2 under re-construction

I’m right in the middle of the process of revising the second book of the Dinosaur Wars series, Counterattack, to make it ready to appear in ebook format this fall. As if the story wasn’t already loaded with action, adventure, and romance, I’ve decided to crank up the heat a little more. Continue reading

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Jurassic Park it’s not

Boy, I sure would like to see these big, bad, birdy beasties made into a movie. Hollywood, are you paying attention? Continue reading

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Death of the Megaraptors

Megaraptors must go! The bad-news meat eating villains of the Dinosaur Wars stories have got a new name: Utahraptors. New fossil evidence makes the name change mandatory for these beasts that nearly ate Kit Daniels. Continue reading

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