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Dr. Ogilvey’s Exaltation Theory

Scientists need to get a new view of dinosaurs that includes thinking about the high end of their behavior, not just the usual lizard-like, low end ideas. Continue reading

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Kra Phylogeny

As time has progressed, fictional dinosaurs have gotten less slimy, less scaly, less cold blooded, and more feathery, more intelligent, and more dangerous in turn, up to and including wielding world-destroying power. Continue reading

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More Brooding Dinosaurs

Let’s take a closer look at how wing feathers may have evolved for the purpose of brooding, as opposed to the purpose of flight. Continue reading

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Brooding Dinosaurs

This odd looking ball of bones contains the remains of a parent dinosaur sitting on a nest full of eggs. Continue reading

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Jurassic Park it’s not

Boy, I sure would like to see these big, bad, birdy beasties made into a movie. Hollywood, are you paying attention? Continue reading

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Dr. Ogilvey and the Creationists

Challenged to a debate on creationism vs the scientific origins of life on Earth, Dr Ogilvey presented his concept of the 750-million-year God Day. While it has its appeal to moderate thinkers, the creationist followers of Professor Lazarus would have none of it. The definitive answer will be in when God finishes the remaining 749,994,000 years of his day of rest, according to Dr. O. Continue reading

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