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Hatching a new story

This story’s got adventure, if dodging the trampling feet of the biggest creatures ever to stride the earth is your idea of a good time, and light romance, for those who have followed the hero, Chase Armstrong, and heroine, Kit Daniels, throughout their previous misadventures. And–as always–I sneak a little scientific information into the mix. Continue reading

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Asteroid strikes Earth? What a novel idea!

I wrote about what it would be like to experience an asteroid impact firsthand, way back in 2000. Now, eerily, I seem to have had it just about right. Continue reading

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Dr. Ogilvey’s Exaltation Theory

Scientists need to get a new view of dinosaurs that includes thinking about the high end of their behavior, not just the usual lizard-like, low end ideas. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars: Meet Dr. Ogilvey

In Dinosaur Wars, the mentor figure is Dr. David Ogilvey, an old, owlish curmudgeon of a paleontologist who is studying dinosaurs on Kit Daniels’ ranch when the invasion begins. Like other mentors before him, Dr. O is possessed of certain sterling qualities that make him the go-to guy for both Kit and Chase Armstrong as they strive to survive and prevail against dinosaurian threats on all sides. Continue reading

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