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Kra Phylogeny

As time has progressed, fictional dinosaurs have gotten less slimy, less scaly, less cold blooded, and more feathery, more intelligent, and more dangerous in turn, up to and including wielding world-destroying power. Continue reading

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You say Skybax and I say Quetzalcoatlus

Now, I’m nowhere near the caliber of James Gurney when it comes to illustration, but with the completion of my short story, “Riding Quetzalcoatlus,” I had to come up with something. So here’s the result of my humble effort. Continue reading

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Dinotopia, it’s not

James Gurney and his utopian dinosaurs are known throughout the world and have a zillion fans. My Dinosaur Wars stories and I are not so famous. But I’m working hard on this last bit, and I could use your help. Continue reading

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Re-Imagining Chase Armstrong

With the publication of my latest story, “Something In The Jungle,” the hero and heroine of the Dinosaur Wars series are getting makeovers. They’re grittier, more intrepid, and they have bigger expense accounts. Continue reading

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