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Alamosaurus cover art image

I decided to do what nobody else has done before me–I painted some images of sauropod dinosaurs lying down on their nests! Continue reading

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Dr. Ogilvey’s Exaltation Theory

Scientists need to get a new view of dinosaurs that includes thinking about the high end of their behavior, not just the usual lizard-like, low end ideas. Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Now that real science has caught up to my fiction writing, I think the time is right for a new Hollywood screen image of the dinosaur. Sorry Jurassic Park, but your T rex is obsolete. Continue reading

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You say Skybax and I say Quetzalcoatlus

Now, I’m nowhere near the caliber of James Gurney when it comes to illustration, but with the completion of my short story, “Riding Quetzalcoatlus,” I had to come up with something. So here’s the result of my humble effort. Continue reading

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Brooding Dinosaurs

This odd looking ball of bones contains the remains of a parent dinosaur sitting on a nest full of eggs. Continue reading

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Jurassic Park it’s not

Boy, I sure would like to see these big, bad, birdy beasties made into a movie. Hollywood, are you paying attention? Continue reading

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New Dinosaur Wars book coming soon

Announcing the immanent publication of Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall, the newly revised third edition of the first book in the Dinosaur Wars series. This story will be released as an online electronic edition and as a paperback book as well. A new map of the military action is included in this post. Continue reading

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Dr. Ogilvey and the Creationists

Challenged to a debate on creationism vs the scientific origins of life on Earth, Dr Ogilvey presented his concept of the 750-million-year God Day. While it has its appeal to moderate thinkers, the creationist followers of Professor Lazarus would have none of it. The definitive answer will be in when God finishes the remaining 749,994,000 years of his day of rest, according to Dr. O. Continue reading

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