“A Dangerous Breed” re-published!

Skull DogIt’s a scary world we live in. And it just got scarier.

Just released this week is a revised version of one my oldest and creepiest short stories, “A Dangerous Breed.”

This chilling tale has just the right amount of cooling for one of those hot “dog days” of summer. Imagine getting shivers up and down your spine while basking on a chaise lounge on a resort beach. This one will take you there.

Most people worry about getting GMOs in their food. But how many people worry about becoming food for GMOs? That’s right, these gene-altered canines have a great liking for mankind, and I don’t mean the run-and-fetch-the-ball kind of liking. More like, “Mmmm-mmmmm tasty!”

As is so often the case, Dr. Peyton McKean is called in on this case long after the cat is out of the bag–or in this case, the dog. I mean coyote. I mean, well, maybe you should read the story and find out all about what I mean.

If you happen to have already read this chiller when it came out five years ago, you still ought to give it a look. I added 33% to the length of the story to fill in more detail and make it just a little more scary–and believable. I even found a way to add a twist of happy ending to it. If you’re wondering how that could be possible when hungry, hyper-intelligent canines are running amok in the deserts of Eastern Washington, then definitely have a look. The Hound of the Baskervilles was a lap dog compared to these pooches!

Finally, let me point out that my publisher, normally so tight-fisted with money, has seen fit to make “A Dangerous Breed” available FREE for a limited time in Kindle, Nook, iBook and other formats. You can get your copy in several different ways. First of all, if you click this link, you can sign onto my author mailing list, which will keep you informed of other deals like this in the future. Once that’s done, you’ll be given a link to get the free copy. People who are already on my mailing list can get their copy by contacting me directly, because they already have an email connection to me (list membership hath its privileges).

So there you have it. Cool those hot summer doldrums down to industrial-strength refrigeration levels–if you dare!

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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