Dinosaur Tales — Published!

Dinosaur TalesTime to make it official. Dinosaur Tales, the latest book in my Dinosaur Wars series, is available on Amazon! Both the ebook and paperback are ready and waiting for eager readers. Other ebook formats will be coming soon to a bookseller near you.

Like the other books before it, this book portrays the huge creatures of the past in all their glory, while at the same time putting the cast of human characters through some fast-paced action. Time and again, you’ll find the hero and heroine, Chase Armstrong and Kit Daniels, running from dinosaurs, chasing dinosaurs, or occasionally just standing with mouths agape and observing the awesome beauty of the big beasts.

Chasing DinosI suppose Kit and Chase and company have some competition from the massive marketing machine now promoting Jurassic World. The movie is breaking box office records. Toys and kids’ books are selling like crazy. But I think I have one or two advantages in competing with the massive Hollywood machinery behind Jurassic World.

First of all, I’ve looked around and there is no BOOK version of the movie. That’s odd. Hollywood rarely forgets to tie in a book version for each of its major productions.

Cowgirl KitThe only adult-reading-level book out there called Jurassic World turns out to be just a double volume incorporating Michael Crichton’s old Jurassic Park novels one and two. So at least with Dinosaur Tales you’ve got a newly minted fresh-off-the-press story instead of a rehash.

Secondly, it appears I’ve done my homework better than Steven Spielberg and his movie-making colleagues. My dinosaurs have feathers and fur. Somehow, when the Hollywood moguls filmed Jurassic World, they missed the fact that fossils have turned up all around the planet in recent years showing us that dinosaurs were essentially big, feather-covered birds–albeit birds with very nasty claws, huge sharp teeth and, in some cases, four legs.

So, given that there is no Jurassic World novel, why not grab a copy of Dinosaur Tales? It will give you a new perspective on the big beasts and a chance to root for Kit and Chase, who may fall in love yet–if they don’t get eaten first!

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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