Dinosaur Wars 3 paperback available now!

DW3fullCoverThe trilogy is complete! I’ve just been snooping around the web and I’m delighted to report that the new paperback version of Dinosaur Wars: Blood On The Moon, the third book of the trilogy, is now in bookstores everywhere!

What you see here is the full cover, with front, spine and back covers shown in one piece, just the way it’s done when printing a hard copy of the book.

Things turned out just like I hoped they would. I’m thrilled with my publisher, CreateSpace, for doing such a great job.

So now, at last, if you have been following the adventures of Kit Daniels and Chase Armstrong on the printed page, you can complete their journey with them. This time around, they’ve taken on even greater challenges than before. They are en route to the moon to confront the evil dinosaurian leader Saurgon, in his lair at the south-polar crater, Phaeon.

Plenty of laser-blasting action. And this has got to be about the first time an M-16 assault rifle has been fired in the vacuum of space. Do you suppose they really work up there?

Read–and find out!

I think Kit looks rather fetching in her form-fitting spacesuit, don’t you? Nothing’s too good for the Princess Leia of this story. And how about Chase? He looks ready to be the second intrepid Armstrong to tread the lunar dust.

If you like the kind of excitement you find in Star Wars and Jurassic World, then check out this series from start to finish. It’s got it all: laser blasting space invaders, a simmering love affair, and a huge cast of dinosaurian characters. Find Blood On The Moon and the other paperbacks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other booksellers worldwide. And if you prefer your adventures in ebook format, you can find those too. Not only that, but the first ebook, Earthfall, is FREE while supplies last!

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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