Hatching a new story

NemegtoSkullI’m right on the brink of releasing the next short story in my “Dinosaur Tales” series, which continues the storyline I originated in my “Dinosaur Wars” novel trilogy. I wrote it under the tentative name, “Hatching Alamosaurus,” and that name seems to have stuck.

This one is going to be especially fun. It gets my favorite combination of plots and subplots cooking pretty hot. There’s adventure, if dodging the trampling feet of the biggest creatures to ever stride the earth is your idea of a good time. There’s light romance, for those who have followed the hero, Chase Armstrong, and heroine, Kit Daniels, throughout their previous amorous misadventures. And–as always–I sneak a little scientific information into the mix, for those who want to learn something new about the marvelous beasts that foraged, fought, and nested in North America 65 million years ago.

I won’t spoil the plot by explaining the life-or-death experiences Kit and Chase seem to run into everywhere they go in a world where dinosaurs have returned. And I won’t spoil the romance by telling what the latest twist is. Suffice it to say this story takes place immediately after the end of book three of the trilogy. And, as those who read Blood On The Moon will recall, the very last page has the word “proposal” on it.

Meanwhile, I’ve done my best to portray the remarkable lives of the huge long-necked sauropod dinosaurs as they migrate, fight to protect their young, browse among the treetops, and generally have a good old dinosaurian time of it. In attendance and taking notes is comical Dr. Ogilvey, the paleontologist who seems to have a theory for every aspect of dinosaurian size, shape, and behavior. And along for the ride is the adventurers’ human-sized, intelligent dinosaur friend, Gar, the Kra.

TekisonCreek copyI promise, never a dull moment. Once I release this one in a week or two, you’ll be alternately amused, shocked, tickled, and intrigued by this mix of huge dinosaurs and intrepid people, who all gather on the shoreline of the mighty Columbia River at the nesting grounds of the biggest creature that ever had to figure out how to settle down on a nest of fragile eggs.

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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