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Alamosaurus cover art image

I decided to do what nobody else has done before me–I painted some images of sauropod dinosaurs lying down on their nests! Continue reading

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The Mario Kart School of Driving

When you put on your blinker to change lanes, they SPEED UP to close you off. Continue reading

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Hatching a new story

This story’s got adventure, if dodging the trampling feet of the biggest creatures ever to stride the earth is your idea of a good time, and light romance, for those who have followed the hero, Chase Armstrong, and heroine, Kit Daniels, throughout their previous misadventures. And–as always–I sneak a little scientific information into the mix. Continue reading

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The Ignimbrites of Mars

Sorry rover scientists. I think you missed that call. The layers of chunky stone you’ve been seeing are the product of white-hot heat, not flowing water. Continue reading

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