Dinosaur Wars is back in paperback

Watch out for that T rex, Kit!Glory Hallelujah! Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall is back in print. No not an ebook–print! And I am delighted to say, at less than half the price of the original edition, which cost a whopping $21.95 per copy ten years ago. Ouch.

Times have changed and printing paperbacks has gotten cheaper. So I was able to get the price down to $10.99. And today I see Amazon is offering it for $9.47.

At last! I’ve got a paperback out there for under $10!

Now you may be thinking I’m getting too excited over a little thing like pricing. But you see, I have always felt that the only thing between me and a wider readership has been the unavailability of my books at a price people are willing to pay for the work of a relatively unknown author. Looking at it that way, imagine my dismay as my earliest published works were all forced to bear price tags in the $15-$22 range. It wasn’t my choice. It was the best the printer could do. At those outrageous prices for paperbacks it’s a wonder I sold any copies at all.

Now that Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall can be had in solid form for under $10 I’ve got a good feeling about its prospects. In the past, big-name authors had it over me twice. One, they were big names. They had a lot of ready-made customers thanks to having million-seller books in their past. Second, however, was one of those unfair situations: they had publishers who could sell their books cheaply. Given those two advantages over my books, it’s no surprise their books sold like hotcakes while mine languished.

Now, although I may not yet be able to muster tens of thousands of loyal readers (emphasis on ‘yet’), at least I stand on a level playing field regarding price. My books are under $10 too, so nyah-nyah-nyah to the big boys of publishing. One barrier to my joining you in the winners’ circle has just been demolished.

From here on it’s more a matter of dishing up good stories than who’s got the price advantage. So c’mon big boys (and girls)! Dish up your best stories and let’s go head to head in a non-rigged market and see who readers choose at under $10. It might just be me this time around!

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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