Dinosaur Wars Sequel Published

CounterattackAt last, Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack, the sequel, is out there on the ebook shelves! This is the second book in a planned trilogy that describes the return to earth of dinosaurs after 65 million years lost in space. I worked hard to make this new revision of the story as entertaining as the first book, Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall. If you like action adventure science fiction stories along the lines of Star Wars or Jurassic Park, then have a look at these babies. I’m proud of them. They represent more than ten years of research, writing and story development.

In Counterattack, the young hero and heroine, Chase Armstrong and Kit Daniels, are again confronted with huge dinosaurian creatures that take an unwanted interest in them — as food! As if that weren’t enough, peace talks with the human sized intelligent dinosaurs, the Kra, have broken down and the war between humans and Kra for dominion over the earth has reignited. The death ray from Phaeon Crater on the moon is back in action, as are the bizarre fighter walkers of the invaders, who have also resumed their unacceptably bad habit of feasting on their human prisoners.

With cameo appearances by a hungry T rex and a pack of velociraptor cousins, the utahraptors, there is scarcely any time for Kit and Chase to stop and catch their breath, let alone pursue their newfound love for each other. Meanwhile, tank commander Victor Suarez is dispatched to defend the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State from a fresh invasion of Kra sent from their moon base. Lasers blast and cannons flash in a major military showdown on which hangs the fate of the entire west coast of America.

Amid all the danger, the newfound friendship continues between Kit, Chase and one of the invaders who has taken the human side in the conflict — Gar, the Kra. Only they and a few others can see a future without war in which dinosaurs and mammals, including humans, can share the world. Until then, humans are the newest endangered species.

Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack is available as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, Diesel, and in a variety of other formats. Check your favorite ebook store for a download. For those who prefer paper books, I believe there are still some copies of Counterattack in its older first edition form to be had.

About Tom Hopp

Thomas P Hopp is a scientist and author living in Seattle. He writes medical thrillers, natural disaster novels, and the Dinosaur Wars science fiction series.
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