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My Dog Wants To Eat You

It’s the haunting season. Prepare to be scared. There’s something not quite right about this dog, wouldn’t you agree? “A Dangerous Breed” is available now as an ebook. Continue reading

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The Ghost Trees — Published!

I’m delighted to have my story appear in the same book as some very well respected, award winning, and best-selling mystery authors. Continue reading

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Death’s Head Dog

This animal is a genetically modified dog, possessing some of the genes for human intelligence. It is pregnant, having bred with a coyote last time it came into heat. It is out to take over the world. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars: Meet Dr. Ogilvey

In Dinosaur Wars, the mentor figure is Dr. David Ogilvey, an old, owlish curmudgeon of a paleontologist who is studying dinosaurs on Kit Daniels’ ranch when the invasion begins. Like other mentors before him, Dr. O is possessed of certain sterling qualities that make him the go-to guy for both Kit and Chase Armstrong as they strive to survive and prevail against dinosaurian threats on all sides. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars vs Terra Nova

I’m convinced Dinosaur Wars will someday be seen as the best dramatic incarnation of dinosaurs, eclipsing Jurassic Park, Terra Nova, and all the others by dint of my having conceptualized the story with all the elements that make up a good tale of action, adventure and romance. Continue reading

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