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Chase Armstrong vs Luke Skywalker

Might the day soon come when toystore shelves are stocked, not only with Luke and Leia action figures, but with Kit and Chase and Gar and Saurgon and a couple of Kra fighter-walkers thrown in for good measure? Continue reading

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Dinosaur Wars 2 under re-construction

I’m right in the middle of the process of revising the second book of the Dinosaur Wars series, Counterattack, to make it ready to appear in ebook format this fall. As if the story wasn’t already loaded with action, adventure, and romance, I’ve decided to crank up the heat a little more. Continue reading

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Life in a rainforest

The other day Shelley and I went out walking and I brought along my camera to capture some of the things that make all the rain, fog, and overcast seem worth it. Continue reading

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My brother Jerry and my nephew Greg are multiple record holders for speed and race victories in the sport of hydroplane racing. Continue reading

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Ebook Cover Art

I’d love to have a real artist do my ebook covers, but how? I’ve had a vague idea for a while that’s beginning to flesh out in my mind. Continue reading

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