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Meet The Beaters

The Beaters are a Seattle area rock band with a unique hard driving brand of Rock'n'Roll'n'Rhythm'n'Blues.

The Beaters are first and foremost a dance band. They pack floors wherever they play, which is mostly in clubs and private occasions around western Washington.

MASTERS OF THE BLUES. With Bobby Joe roaring out classics like Roadhouse Blues, One Way Out and Unchain My Heart, and Cary's guitar wailing in counterpoint, The Beaters make a statement in each song about how to play the blues.

HARD ROCKERS. When BC pounds out a steady rock rhythm and Tom underscores it with a powerful bass line, The Beaters deliver hard-driving rock'n'roll music.

SOULFUL SOLOISTS. To hear Rod wail on saxophone, or Mark hammer the keyboard, you'd think they've been playing rhythm'n'blues music all their lives. And you'd be right.