DOUBLE DANGER. When Kit Daniels and her best friend Maddy Meyer join Professor David Ogilvey to observe dinosaurs, they don't expect trouble. What could go wrong while watching peaceful plant eaters in the Montana hills? Plenty! Not only do adult ankylosaurs take exception to humans approaching their young, but a pack of hunting tyrannosaurs shows up. Kit and friends are caught in the middle!

IN THE ANKYLOSAUR ADVENTURE, a day of wildlife observations turns into a struggle for survival. When an angry armored dinosaur decides to pummel Kit's Volkswagen with its massive tail club, she and her friends quickly learn that the automobile's metal skin is far outmatched by the ankylosaur's armor. In a matter of minutes, the car is reduced to a pile of auto parts--with Kit and her friends still inside. To make matters worse, the hungry tyrannosaurs hope to make a meal of the losers of the fight.

Dr. Hopp has researched his subject matter thoroughly to give a highly accurate portrayal of armored dinosaurs in action. He even adds an entirely new concept: could they have rolled into a ball for self-defense?

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“Solid science and pacing that never quits.” —Kay Kenyon, Philip K. Dick Award nominated author of Maximum Ice

“One shock leads to another.” —Carmel Valley News